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Welcome to 2022! Well, I know I am a little late in saying that, but we have been away and this our first email for the year.  We hope that Christmas and January was great and that everyone managed to find some rest and joy.  We had a great time away as a family and we are now officially living here in Ulladulla.  We would love your prayers as we now look for a place to call home.


As we wave goodbye to January and begin to position ourselves for February and 2022, I wanted to let you know about a few happenings for us as church and our upcoming fast.  Normally during the month of February, we as church do 21days of Prayer and Fasting, which has always been significant for us.  However, this year, we are wanting to do things a little different and stretch it to 40 days... KIDDING. No, this year we are wanting to do 10 days of Prayer, Worship and Fasting. Acts 2 tells us about the day of Pentecost and Luke tells us as "ALL the disciple GATHERED in ONE PLACE, suddenly... The Holy Spirit fell with power and anointed each disciple". As I re read that I had a WOW moment. They ALL GATHERED IN ONE PLACE and as they did revival broke out, destinies were released, breakthrough happened, kingdom communities were birthed and entire nations were transformed. The last two years we as a society have been scattered and isolated and that has overflowed into the church as well.  I really believe it is time for us as Groundswell to ALL GATHER IN ONE PLACE and as we do, I believe the Holy Spirit will move afresh in the life of our personal life, our marriages, families, our church, and our community. So, over the next 10 days, we will be having gatherings, where we pray, qorship and declare together. Our fast will start Friday the 4th of February and end Monday the 14th of February. We will gather on:

Thursday the 3rd of February @Church, 6pm where we will pray and dedicate the fast

Sunday the 6th of February @Church, 5pm where we will have a worship night

Thursday the 10th of February @Church, 6pm for prayer

Saturday the 12th 6am at South Mollymook for prayer.

Like I mentioned before, I really believe the 10days of prayer and fasting is significant and would love for you join us.



When all the disciples gathered together in one place, the Holy Spirit responded, fell and the bible describes it as a "suddenly" moment. I really believe the Holy Spirit is wanting us to reconnect a fresh with him.  So, we have themed the month of February as "Breath" and will be looking at all things Holy Spirit.


Combined Service

This year we will be joining with other churches and praying for all our scripture teachers that work within the school.  This will be happening on Sunday the 13th of February, 4pm at the Baptist Church.  This is a great opportunity for us to come together as one and pray for or young people and schools.


Well that is enough from us, looking forward to seeing you all throughout the week.


Big Love

Dave and Kriselle