Dave and Kriselle Izard have been leading Groundswell Church since 2013.  Their passion is community, connecting people with God and connecting people with each other.  Dave and Kriselle also have a heart to pioneer new ground and are passionate about “turning the world upside”.  They were married in 2005 and have four kids, Noah, Neeve, Asher and Oak. 

In 2018, Life Church Culburra Beach changed its name to Groundswell Church. The name is taken out of Isaiah 43:16-21 MSG.  It speaks of a move of God, that was generated through the ocean and spread inland, a move of God that breaks chains and causes new life to spring up, this move of God that Isaiah writes about is a Groundswell. 

A Groundswell is “a broad deep undulation of the ocean caused by an often distant gale or seismic disturbance” and “a rapid spontaneous growth, a groundswell of support” We believe that what God has started here in Culburra Beach is going to impact not only our region and nation, but the nations of the world.  We see Groundswell church as a vibrant, life giving church, that connects people with God, each other and empowers people to “turn the world upside down”. We believe our call and mandate is to take Groundswell to our nation and plant life giving churches in communities.

Groundswell Church is part of the Acts Global Churches movement

Acts 17:6 talks about the accusation and reputation of the early church of being a people who turned the world upside down. They saw generations saved, communities changed and ushered in a new reality. With that burning in our spirit and our heart to pioneer new ground, Groundswell vision statement is “Extending the purposes of God from Church to community.”
“Groundswell church exists for people to connect with God through Jesus, for people to find freedom and find their place and purpose in community. Our heart is to see generations empowered to reach their world for Jesus and to be a people and a church marked with generosity”.
These are our guiding principals that help us set culture and have been taken out of Acts 2.

Our first value as a church is to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Our heart and mission is to connect people with God. This is salvation.

We don’t only want to see people saved, but we want to see people free. “If the son has set you free then you shall be free indeed”

community is in the heart of God, it was evident in the early church and it’s in the heart of groundswell. We want to link people into community that goes beyond a Sunday morning.

Jesus describes successful discipleship as this: Planted, Growth and fruitfulness. We want to see people empowered in their purpose and turn their worlds upside down.

there was no lack in the early church, they were marked by generosity. We believe a way to turn the world upside is through generosity. It’s counter cultural and breaks the poverty mentality.

Being connected is something we value at Groundswell and connects are a vital part in Groundswell.  In Acts 2, we read how the early church meet out of homes, shared meals, meet each others needs, impacted their community and as a result, God added daily those who were being saved.  The church is called to exist outside of Sundays and connect relationally through out the week.  We have connects running in Culburra, Callala and Nowra.

10am Sundays
161 Prince Edward Avenue,
Culburra Beach NSW 2540

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